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Shree Sai Clinic Q Switch Laser Treatment Narhe Pune, for healthy, glowing skin

Everyone wants a healthy, radiant glow. However, all the pollution, sun exposure, and several other factors can be harsh on your skin, taking a toll on its natural health and making it look dull and tired. But what if we tell you that you don’t have to live with dullness? Rather, you can get rid of all your scars and pigmentation and get glowing like you always wanted. Yes, you heard it right. Shree Sai Clinic, a renowned skincare destination, offers a variety of skincare services for you.

Our Q Switch Laser Treatment in Narhe is a minimally invasive treatment effective in eliminating all major kinds of skin problems, like pigmentation, dark spots, and much more. Let us learn more about our Q-Switch laser procedure and facilities at Shree Sai Clinic.

Why Choose Shree Sai Clinic’s Q Switch Laser Treatment for Pigmentation?

No matter what your problems are, be it uneven skin tone, dark spots, tattoos, or anything else, Shree Sai Clinic Q-Switch laser treatment has got you covered. Our laser treatment is uniquely designed to eliminate all such skin problems and make it look more supple and healthy.

The procedure for our Q-switch treatment is simple. It specifically targets dark spots with high beam energy. This high-beam energy is then absorbed by pigments, which help them break down and be absorbed by the body.

The best part about our Q-Switch laser treatment is that we target a specific area through it, and thus, the surrounding area remains unharmed.

There are several benefits to our laser treatment. From improving your skin tone to texture to removing dead cells to acne and acne marks, it does everything. So, what are you waiting for? Get your skincare on point with us without any delay.

Shree Sai Clinic, Your Ultimate Laser Treatment Destination

As mentioned earlier, at Shree Sai Clinic, the q-switch laser for pigmentation in Pune is minimally invasive. Thus, our procedures are not just effective but painless, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience for our patients.

Additionally, we believe in a complete A-Z assessment of our patients. So, once we are done with the pigmentation, we offer several sessions for complete monitoring of the treatment and the expected results. Meaning you don’t just get simple treatment with us but an assurance of aftercare too.

For Q-switch laser treatment in Pune we have a team of experienced dermatologists with rich expertise in the field. Here, we offer consultation sessions where we carefully assess your skin. This helps us offer advice and plan your personalised treatments accordingly.

So wait no more; visit us soon and get your natural radiance back. Book an appointment now!

Success Story

Shree Sai Clinic’s laser treatments have been a game-changer for my skin. The expertise and precision in their approach made me feel confident and assured. Aisha M

Laser hair removal at Shree Sai Clinic has been a revelation. The results are not just skin-deep; they’ve boosted my confidence immensely. Krishna K.


After getting the Q-Switch treatment done, it is advised to avoid direct sun exposure. Additionally, you should also avoid using strong exfoliating products.

After each session, the skin takes some time to heal. The Q-switch laser treatments can be taken with a gap interval of 4 to 8 weeks.

Dermatologists suggest not washing the face for at least 12 hours after the q-switch treatment. You shall also avoid using face wash for at least 2 days. It is also suggested to not be in direct contact with sunlight exposure or use exfoliating solutions.


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