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Availing the Best PRP Treatment in Narhe from Shree Sai Clinic

A receding hairline is one of the most prevalent hair concerns in Indian citizens. People of different age groups suffer from untimely hair loss. To cure this unnatural hair fall people use numerous products which may not work for them. Therefore, it is better to opt for professional treatments. With the best PRP treatment in Narhe from Shree Sai Clinic you can reduce untimely hair fall.

About The Best PRP Treatment

PRP treatment or Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment is a safe professional procedure that is available in our healthcare centre. In this procedure, your plasma will be collected. After plasma collection, the protein-rich liquid blood will be induced with vitamins and minerals. Further, the concoction will be cured in a lab and stored in injection vials. After the cure is ready it will be directly injected into your scalp.

As the plasma hair treatment is made from your platelets, it has increased the chances of working for you. If you wish to avail the best PRP treatment you should consult with the experts of our clinic.

When Do You Need PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP treatment is an advanced hair treatment that you may need for serious hair issues. If you witness abrupt hair thinning or balding tendencies, you can opt for PRP treatment before it is too late.

Why Shree Sai Clinic is the best for PRP treatment?

To reduce your hair fall concerns it is ideal to avail professional treatments from the most credible healthcare institutions. To avail of the most safe and effective hair PRP you can consult with our professionals. To know why should you avail of our PRP treatment you can go through the following section –

If you opt for our service, you will be guided throughout the process. Our straightforward procedure is explained to you by our professionals. Further, we will help you till your treatment ends and you see positive results.
We offer the best PRP treatment in Narhe because we have a team of expert doctors who have immense experience in this field. Our doctors will make sure that your treatment becomes safe and comfortable.
We follow cutting-edge technology in providing the best PRP treatment to our patients. However, we have kept the cost structure affordable so that you can get the benefits without spending huge amounts of money.
Our Success Stories -

We do not only claim to provide the best PRP hair treatment in Pune. Our success stories of numerous patients can confirm the same. For example, we can take the case of Mr. M Chowdhury. Mr. M Chowdhury availed our service through our website. After the consultation, he decided to go through with the treatment. After the procedure, his change in hairline was visible.

Additionally, Mrs. A Roy approached us to cure alopecia. Our PRP treatment has worked on her hair concern. It has reduced unnatural hair fall and the growth of new hair is also visible.

Testimonials :
It is best to go through the testimonials of our clients who have benefitted from our PRP hair treatment:
“I could not stop my continuous hair fall, despite using numerous products. My friend suggested I visit Shree Sai Clinic. My decision to visit the clinic changed my life. My hair fall has reduced completely”.

“I had a severe case of hair fall due to hormonal changes after childbirth. After availing the best PRP treatment in Narhe, my hair concerns are gone”.

Using chemical-based hair products should be reduced after PRP treatment.
You should for at least 2 days after the PRP injection.
At least 2 days of downtime is required after the procedure.
Listening to the guidance of your doctor and not using harmful products can make your PRP more successful.


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