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Enhanced Natural Hair Growth with Shree Sai Clinic Hair Transplant in Narhe

Everyone wants happy, healthy hair. However, genetics, hormonal changes, and several other factors can take a toll on your hair health, causing heavy hair fall. Now, hair loss is a common problem, but the real issue arises when new hair stops growing. Here, people prefer hair transplants as a reliable solution. Shree Sai clinic hair transplant in Narhe ensures to be your one-stop destination for all kinds of hair treatment. Be it biocell therapy, PRP treatment, Mesotherapy, or Dandruff treatment, we have got you covered on everything.

Shree Sai Clinic, as the best hair transplant centre in Pune, carefully plans the whole treatment procedure and aims to offer maximum satisfaction to our patients and nothing less. Here is a detailed assessment of our treatment, what it is, and what it has to offer.

Why Choose Shree Sai Clinic Hair Implants for Men and Women?

In simple terms, a hair transplant involves using healthy follicles of hair for placement in areas of baldness or lessened hair growth. There are several methods of hair transplantation. Each of these procedures is carried out quite meticulously at Shree Sai Clinic. Also, we ensure the use of the best and most satisfactory practices for our customers without any kind of compromise.

This is why, before proceeding with our treatments, we have consultation sessions with our patients. Here, they are made aware of the procedure, the dos and don’ts, and the results to be expected. This consultation session is followed by an assessment test of the patient’s scalp. Here, our experts thoroughly read the patient’s condition and suggest the most appropriate hair transplant method accordingly. Also, this is completely personalised. Our step-by-step procedures are what makes us the best center for hair transplant in Pune.

In some cases, we also suggest some medications and other pretreatment measures to boost the efficacy of hair replacement for men.

At Shree Sai Clinic, we are a team of trained experts with wide knowledge and practical experience in the field. So, you get treated with the finest brains. That too, with the utmost care and precision.

Additionally, we also have other treatments like PRP, bio-cell therapy, and mesotherapy to boost hair regrowth.

Success Stories

Shree Sai Clinic has given me the best hair treatment services. Not only did it improve my hair growth, but it also boosted my confidence. It has been a game-changer for me. Kamini M

Shree Sai Clinic truly stands up to its reputation of being the best hair transplant destination in Narhe. My hair treatment journey is truly a transformation. Monika K.


There are several questions you must consider before your hair transplant surgery. Some of them shall include the risk associated with the transplant, whether you’re a good candidate for the surgery, the duration of the recovery period, what precautions should be taken before surgery, and so on.
The most important restriction after a hair transplant is to avoid direct sunlight. You must avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks. Rigorous exercise should also be ignored for some time.
Although you can immediately get back to your normal work schedule just after the hair treatment, we suggest taking a rest of at least 5 days. This rest plays a crucial role in your recovery and also helps lessen the impact of external factors on your scalp health.

The most common method for hair transplants for women is harvesting. It can be done using any of two hair transplant techniques: FUT(follicular unit transportation) or FUE (follicular unit extraction). Both of these procedures are really effective in growing natural hair.


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