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Assured Hair Regrowth with Shree Sai Clinic Bio Cell Treatment in Narhe

Improper diet, a rigorous schedule, stress, pollution, and several other factors take a toll on your skin and hair. Hair fall or thinning is quite a common problem. Hair fall can also make individuals lose their confidence, but you don’t have to live with it. Shree Sai Clinic can be a reliable destination to solve all your hair problems. Our biocell treatment in Narhe can help you treat conditions like hair thinning or excessive hair loss leading to balding. Our biocell treatment in Pune ensures hair regrowth without the need to rely on any painful surgical procedure.

Bio-cell therapy is an advanced procedure that can be done alone, in combination, or using different biological procedures. Our biocell treatment for hair in Pune aims to grow your hair by boosting your cellular functions. At Shree Sai, we strive to make all our procedures as less painful as they can be without compromising their efficacy and quality.

BioCell Therapy: Needs and Benefits

In general, we all lose some hair daily while combing or tying our hair. This loss of hair is common and not problematic; the real problem occurs when your hair growth cells stop working. Here comes Bio Cell Therapy. Our biocell treatment for hair in Pune uses advanced stem cell therapy to nourish your stem cells from the very deep and promote natural hair regrowth.

Biocell therapy offers several benefits. As mentioned earlier, it nourishes and strengthens the stem cells. Also, it makes the hair follicles stronger. The use of advanced technology in this treatment ensures improved blood flow, which ultimately leads to the growth of new hair roots and their multiplication. Research has also proven the benefits of bio-cell therapy for hair microcirculation.

Why choose Shree Sai Clinic BioCell Therapy?

At Shree Sai Clinic Bio Cell Treatment in Pune, we have a 4-step procedure for your complete treatment journey. We start with personal one-on-one consultations, where you can sit down and discuss your problems with our experts. Our experts then carry out careful assessments of your hair to understand the problem and suggest personalised treatments accordingly.

Our consultations are then followed by the preparation for our BioCell treatment for hair. Here, our experts will guide you regarding the procedure and give you all the necessary precautions to be taken before the treatment, so everything goes smoothly.

Then comes our bio cell hair treatment, where advanced stem cell therapy is performed with the utmost care to promote hair growth. This is followed by our post-treatment care sessions, where our hair specialists guide you through the after-treatment results, what to expect, what to do for better results, and everything else needed.


I visited Shree Sai Clinic when I was struggling with heavy hair fall. Their effective PRP treatment boosted my hair growth, and new hair gave me new confidence. Ajay Singh

I had this hair fall problem because of my medical conditions. The Shree Sai Clinic helped me get rid of my problem and gave me new, stronger hair. Shreya Sinha


Yes, biocell therapy is quite good for hair. It helps prevent the hair from falling and boosts its regrowth. From strengthening hair roots to hair follicles, biocell therapy is helpful with everything.

Some of the side effects of biocell therapy include swelling or redness. However, these signs are temporary, and you may not need to worry about them until they persist for a longer period.

The cost of treatment at Bio Xcellerator differs according to the patient’s condition and the treatment suggested. On average, it can take anything between Rs.10,000 and Rs. 20,000.


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